NEWS: Happy Brexit Day – 3-year birthday or trade-doomsday?
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Happy Brexit Day – 3-year birthday or trade-doomsday?
February 1, 2023
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Sat, Feb 1, 2020 12:00 AM "Happy Brexit Day!" tweeted Boris Johnson.
Time to take the wind out of the sails of the doomsayers and reap the benefits of Brexit.
Since the 2016 Brexit referendum: five prime ministers - the same number as in the previous 37 years. British leaders constantly recalibrated the balance between their American and European interests. Since the 1980s; the British have increasingly leaned away from Europe, renegotiating their financial contributions in 1984 & 85, opting out of the euro in 1992.
Combining UK-reported data for its trade with EU and EU data for its trade with the rest of the world; this generates an estimate that Brexit reduced trade by close to 20% in both directions.

Pre-Brexit Believes:

By leaving the European Union, the UK will regain control of its own laws, borders, currency, and trade. Leaving the EU could open up new opportunities for trade with non-EU countries, leading to an increase in jobs and economic growth. And more stringent immigration policies, allowing the UK to better manage the number of people entering the country.

Post-Brexit Realities:

The economy is in bad shape. On the anniversary of Brexit, the IMF predicted that the UK would be the only developed economy to fall into recession. British corporate insolvencies also climbed to their highest level since 2009.
But what worries business most is the UK's plan to overturn all secondary legislation adopted from the EU, which now stands at 3700 laws.
The British business association CBI called it madness and predicted "mass confusion and disruption".
London and Brussels are settling their dispute over the Northern Ireland border. According to The Times: 'No one will be happy about this', but we hope everyone is satisfied enough with it." In other words, we just have to make the best of it!
Good Brexit News - "Go ahead, make my day”.
Good Brexit News - "Go ahead, make my day”.
Article 23: import VAT deferment.
The Netherlands is practically the only country in the European Union (EU) with a favourable import tax facility, called article 23 license VAT. This license enables importers to avoid immediate payment of VAT upon importation (VAT deferral).
For example: when a non-EU company import goods into the EU, it needs to pay the 21% import VAT upfront. The importer can recover the paid VAT over the next few months. From a cashflow and VAT admin perspective reclaiming, is not a smart solution.
In order to apply for this article 23, you need to have:
• a Dutch legal entity (Dutch BV); or
• a fiscal representative, such as Cableroad in the Netherlands.
We wish you a happy and efficient trade-day and are looking forward assisting you on seamless imports, through the Dutch airports and ports [e.g. Port of Rotterdam, Schiphol Airport Amsterdam] and, bringing your goods in free circulation into the EU without paying the VAT nor needing a Dutch VAT number or Dutch entity.
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