NEWS: Happy Brexit Day – 3-year birthday or trade-doomsday?
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Brexit Bothers Business
February 3, 2021
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Solution: open an entity or branch in the Netherlands.
British companies are increasingly looking at the Netherlands in their search for ways to continue to serve their customers in the European Union now that the United Kingdom has officially left it. They are opening branches in the Netherlands, or outsourcing logistics or tax services to Dutch companies.

The EU and UK did come to a trade agreement, but the UK no longer has free movement of goods with the EU. That means that transporters have to deal with a lot more red tape. After leaving the EU market, British companies also now have to deal with VAT rules from 27 different countries. And on top of that comes coronavirus travel restrictions, and everyone traveling from Britain to the EU needs a negative Covid-19 test.
The Guardian, recently reported that all these extra difficulties resulted in the UK Department of Commerce advising UK companies to open a branch in the EU.  

CableRoad could Break Brexit Barriers, for you.

We are a tax advisory, corporate services and VAT representation boutique, based in the Netherlands with liaison offices in Turkey and Spain. 
CableRoad could Break Brexit Barriers, for you.

Our Brexit Solutions:

  • open a branch or entity [B.V.] in the Netherlands; CableRoad could organise the entire process, within days.
    Process: conference call, offer, agreement, down-payment, POA, office, notary, BV incorporation, admin, VAT-CIT filing, financial statements and Chamber of Commerce filing.
  • warehouse and logistics; self-owned/rented or with Dutch partner or in combination with the above solution. CableRoad could make this happen on behalf of you.
  • VAT-deferment; we are specialists in supporting import solutions into the EU. No VAT due upon import because of the government issued article 23 VAT deferment license that we hold in the Netherlands.
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